MY Story

The Con$cious Kid

MY Story

My name is Marlon Moore. I was born with Spina Bifida which is a birth defect that affects the spine.

I have always felt that clothing reflected my personality and style, but I never saw models that resembled me as a person with a disability. At the age of 16, I created a clothing brand called The Con$cious Kid or TCKBRAND for short. It’s a streetwear clothing brand that aims to combine streetwear culture with the culture of a person with a disability like me. 

I created this clothing brand for people with disabilities to have their own line of clothing dedicated to them as well as incorporating elements of the disability community in the designs and artwork displayed on the merchandise. Furthermore I want this clothing brand to help mind the gap between those with a disability and those without a disability by understanding and accept people’s disabilities, no matter the circumstances. 

My brand "The Con$cious Kid” is designed to transform and inform minds of stereotypes that have hindered people's perception of particular groups. I want people with disabilities to express themselves not just through social media and conversation but to wear it and prompt the ideas to everyone that sees it.